Monday, August 24, 2009

Traffic lights in Luxembourg City

Yesterday while I was nicely cruising on empty Sunday summer streets in the City, I noticed something rather annoying: the traffic lights in the city centre are not synchronized at all.

During a 1 km trip, on the way from the junction between Cote d'Eich and Boulevard Royal until the beginning on Route d'Arlon, we had to stop at 5 traffic lights - judge for yourself !


Gyuri said...

and always difficult to turn left because never get your green traffic light sooner than the opposite side... especially at the Eecher Clinique (Shell) and before the Eecher Platz (Q8 petrol station)...

Elena and Marius said...

Gyuri, thanks for sharing this information. As an addition, today we just realised what a pain it is to go from the Railway Station to the centre, due to the traffic lights


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