Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last patch of snow and ice in Luxembourg City

As can be seen in the middle of the pond in Parc Ed. Klein (between Avenue Monterey and Avenue Marie-Therese):

Saturday, February 27, 2010

First day of spring in Luxembourg

Today was a truly spring day: more than 14 degrees Celsius at midday and sun smiling all day long.

The city of Luxembourg was full of people enjoying the warm and pleasant day:

Mercedes "Tunnel" TV commercial

This is one of the few TV commercials that would convince us to buy a car (if we had that kind of money, that is)

Watch closely Michael Schumacher at the end of the spot:

Lake Leman - views from Lausanne

One of the most attractive points of interest in Lausanne - the shores of Lake Leman:





Friday, February 26, 2010

Offer of the day: grilled chicken in Auchan

Until March 1, 2010 Auchan offers one grilled chicken with baked potatoes for only EUR 5.5

Bon appetit !

The radical-democratic party

One would expect that the words radical and democratic can only be used in opposition and not in conjunction:

It's possible these people thought unjust the monopoly put by the far-right parties on the word radical...

Also, it must probable that this party is led by some very smart stupid people.

Lausanne by night

We also wanted to show you some pictures of Lausanne by night:













Thursday, February 25, 2010

Offer of the day: jam filled donuts in Auchan

For those who love sweets, Auchan is the place to be - 8 jam filled donuts at half price: only EUR 2.9, until March 1, 2010.

Enjoy !

Manora Restaurant - ideal place to eat in Lausanne, Switzerland

During our week-end in Lausanne we found a very nice self-service restaurant:

Located in a classical building in the center of Lausanne, from the outside it seemed to be a very exclusive and expensive restaurant.

Out of curiosity, we approached to see a price list and we've been stunned by their affordable prices: a chicken breast with side dish for only CHF 12 (approximately EUR 8.5).

They had a variety of choices for the main course (chicken, veal, fish, pasta, pizza, sea fruits) and a large offer of side dishes, salads and desserts.
As for drinks they had anything from freshly squeezed fruit juices, to beer, wine and ... free tap water.


The restaurant is very clean and is located on 3 floors with plenty of tables.


If you visit Lausanne, do not miss this restaurant. As can be seen in the ticket above, the address is: 17, place Saint-Francois, 1003 Lausanne.

Trip to Lausanne, Switzerland - part 3

Last batch from Lausanne city by day (will follow Lausanne by night and views of Lake Leman):










Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Offer of the day: adult bicycle in Auchan

Irresistible offer from Auchan for a bicycle for the upcoming spring/summer season in the outdoors:

What´s even better about it is that in the price of EUR 100 you get not only the bike, but also a helmet, a security chain, an air pump and a bicycle computer with 8 functions.

Offer valid until March 1, 2010

Spring offer in Lausanne

Spring is coming, flowers will bloom, birds will sing, hearts will beat faster and love will be in the air.

This pharmacy has already thought about it and came up with this offer:

Trip to Lausanne, Switzerland - part 2

Some other views from Lausanne:











Tokio Hotel at Rockhal - pictures and videos

We´ve noticed that many people are looking for pictures from the concert held Monday night by Tokio Hotel at Rockhal.

Since we are slightly out of target group for this band, we did not see the show.
But fans of the band can see photos and videos here:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hotel review: Comfort Intereurope Lausanne, Switzerland

Last week-end we spent one night in the 3 star Hotel Comfort Intereurope:


Located in the middle of the vineyards surrounding Lausanne, it offers great views of Lac Leman and the Alps:
It is a clean and basic hotel with everything in pretty good state. For a double room we paid EUR 90 (breakfast included).


However, in our opinion, it is more like a 2 star hotel. We say this because:

- very basic breakfast (bread, butter, jam and only one type of salami and cheese). Nothing warm, only cold food

- it's situated on one national route and only 10 meters away from the railways. That means that it's pretty noisy all the time

- there is no lobby in this hotel where one can pass some relaxing moments: only a reception area and a restaurant


Last, but not least, the prices in their restaurant are extremely high (around EUR 25 for a main course).

As a conclusion, we would not recommend this hotel.


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