Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Orange Luxembourg is behind the times with their website

We are currently looking to buy a new mobile phone with a subscription and we decided to try out the newcomer on the Luxembourg market especially for their offer Orange Wednesdays (2 cinema tickets for the price of one on Wednesdays).

We eagerly entered their website to check out the mobile phones on offer and to choose one.

We tried every single menu, every hyperlink on their page, but could not find the list of mobile phones they currently sell, with description and prices:

One would assume that the one of the leaders of the mobile communications market in Europe would have such a basic fetaure on their website.

But no, if you want to see their offer for mobiles, the only way is to go to their shops. Which is highly unpracticable, not only for the time wasted with transportation, but also because you would not have the comfort of Internet access to easily compare and read reviews of the mobile phones you are interested in.

On this matter, they have a lot to learn from


Gyuri said...

maybe they have only this three offer :-))

Anyway, maybe their manager never checked the website ;-)

Elena and Marius said...

Or maybe they don't care for the moment.

I read that their number of customers increased by approximately 2% since the business is operated under the Orange name.

So, they meet their customer targets due to the fact that people are attracted by the brand which they know from other countries.

Once all these "loyal" customers would have joined, I think they will start thinking at improving their offers, marketing, including the website, in order to attract new clients

Anonymous said...

I have been a customer for Orange Luxembourg for the past one year, and I am convinced that they are truly the worst in their customer service. Many a times, I feel cheated for the money that they take from my account for mobile subscription services that I don't avail. Calls or emails are hardly responded in a proper manner. I am planning to cancel my subscription, and would strongly advice to think twice before subscribing to services from Orange LU


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