Friday, February 12, 2010

Offer of the day: Nestle Chocapic cereals in Cora

1 box of cereals for only 1 Euro and 14 cents:

Your kids will thank you for it !


Ariel said...

Hello, my name is Ariel and I live in the United States and when I visited europe for three weeks in the summer of 2007 I absolutely fell in love with this cereal! I have looked everywhere and cannot find a place where I can buy it here in the US or online. Do you maybe know of place where I somehow can? If you could get back to me about this, that would be great. My email is Thank you!

Carmencita y Juanito said...

You can buy them online here:

Just type Chocapic in the search box and you will find it

fatty said...

marius ive seen you on several sites telling people to buy chocapic on econnect. Econnect is for people in america to buy things for people in ROMANIA. they will not ship to the US>


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