Thursday, February 25, 2010

Manora Restaurant - ideal place to eat in Lausanne, Switzerland

During our week-end in Lausanne we found a very nice self-service restaurant:

Located in a classical building in the center of Lausanne, from the outside it seemed to be a very exclusive and expensive restaurant.

Out of curiosity, we approached to see a price list and we've been stunned by their affordable prices: a chicken breast with side dish for only CHF 12 (approximately EUR 8.5).

They had a variety of choices for the main course (chicken, veal, fish, pasta, pizza, sea fruits) and a large offer of side dishes, salads and desserts.
As for drinks they had anything from freshly squeezed fruit juices, to beer, wine and ... free tap water.


The restaurant is very clean and is located on 3 floors with plenty of tables.


If you visit Lausanne, do not miss this restaurant. As can be seen in the ticket above, the address is: 17, place Saint-Francois, 1003 Lausanne.


Rodolphe said...

It's a nice restaurant, but don't forget that it's self-service


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