Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Diekirch carnaval (cavalcade) - photos and videos (I)

The 2010 Diekirch carnaval was really lively and entertaining.

Despite the temperatures below zero and the fact that the carnaval was held the same day as St. Valentine, there were a lot of people, free candies and free beer :)

Below is the first of a series of photos and videos:


iamyuva said... was fun.. i was there..

Elena and Marius said...

@ iamyuva: by any chance are you and/or your friends dancing in the second video posted here:

iamyuva said...

ya.. we were.. those were my friend.. ;)

Elena and Marius said...

We were just thinking: how small the world is ... I mean what were the chances of this happening :)

Elena and Marius said...

... so you are stars of the carnaval now :)


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