Thursday, April 22, 2010

EPSO interview in Brussels

We have recently experienced an EPSO interview for an administrator position and here-below are some facts and impressions:

- it was a commission of 6 members (1 head of commission and the others simple members)

- the head of commission just had the role of coordinating the development of the interview - he did not actually ask any questions

- the other 5 members have each asked questions from a specific area (UE knowledge, motivation to work for EU, specialist knowledge, etc.)

- at the beginning there were 5 minutes for a self-presentation (education, knowledge, skills, etc.)

- the interview lasted exactly for 45 minutes

- the members of the commission seemed friendly and open to discussion

- the questions regarding EU knowledge were in relation to basic subjects, there was nothing that required an in-depth knowledge of EU

- the EPSO response from the interview will be given in approximately 1 month

Best of luck !


Andreea Stanescu said...

Good luck! keep update on the result.


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