Sunday, April 18, 2010

Public works in Luxembourg

It does not pass a week without noticing the very long duration of public works in Luxembourg.

Take, for example, the Cercle Municipal in Place d'Armes in Luxembourg City:

It has been like this for the past 2 years we have been living here.

Or, the works on the buildings located on rue de Treves in Luxembourg City, the street making the link between the Grund and Clausen.

Or, rue de Beggen, connecting Walferdange with the city centre.

And the examples could continue...


Stephane Leite said...

My name is Stephane Leite, I am Graphic Designer at the scaffolding company Catari. I just checked this photo of a Luxembourg facade with our products and I found it really good. I would be most pleased to share it - of course with your copyright - if it is ok with you?
I would kinldy ask you to answer me back in via this chat or e-mail me at

Best regards,
Stéphane Leite

Admin said...

It is no problem to use the photo.


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