Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blooming amaryllis bought from Amsterdam

During our May trip to Amsterdam we bought 5 Amaryllis at Eur 2 each.

Fortunately, all of them will bloom. Below is the first one:


Will Bakker said...

I've been tempted so many times by the amaryllis. It's good to hear that you have good luck with them. How do you make sure that they bloom?

Elena and Marius said...

Hello Will.

We have also had some tough luck with amaryllis until recently.

After we bought the 5 bulbs from Amsterdam we made some search on the internet on how they should be taken care of and we proceeded as follows:

- we planed them in a 50%-50% mix of sand and flower soil (from the supermarket). Sand helps the mixture to stay aerated

- however, only half of the bulb has to be covered with soil and the other half has to remain visible. Otherwise, the bulb will rotten

- after planting as described above, keep the amaryllis in the dark without any water, until the flower starts growing about 5-10 cm tall. This is needed to ensure that the amaryllis will bloom, otherwise, it will only make leaves and that's it.

Good luck!


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