Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hotel review - NH Aquarena Heidenheim, Germany

Firstly, this is not a 4 star hotel.

The toiletries were not refiled during our stay not even once. Well, you have two refillable ordinary liquid soap dispensers, but you would expect more from a 4 star hotel as they pretend to be.

The walls are very thin, it´s more like a paper than a wall. The internet is very slow and when you check in, they give you a few vouchers , everyone available only for 100 MB.

The breakfast is way too expensive (18 Eur/pers), given the poor choice of products and quality. No special or traditional products on Christmas morning!!

The bed is on wheels and it moves easily when you are in bed.

The Aquarena center pools next to the hotel has no thermal baths. Worse, the 2 hot pools are outside so you cannot use them when it rains or snows. They are closed during the holidays.

As a conclusion, NO, we would not recommend this hotel, but at the end it´s your choice!



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