Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eating out - Restaurant Batucada, Luxembourg Ville

The Restaurant is close to the city center (St Esprit Parking).

The food was OK, but rather tasteless. We were expecting something more exotic for a Brasilian restaurant, but the food was just plain bland.

The shape of the dessert was....surprising.

One thing we didn't like: each time when someone left, the waiters came and cleaned the table with some powerful smelling spray. You can imagine that,s really unpleasant.

Selection de finger food, tapas

Filet de boeuf d'Argentine au portio rouge et echalotes, pommes de terre en gratin ,legumes frais

Filet de saumon, sauce homardine riz basmati, legumes frais saute

Fondant au chocolat

La legendaire Banana Carlitos



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