Thursday, October 10, 2013

Trip to Gibraltar - part 1

Very crowded and we strongly advise against trying to enter Gibraltar with your car (better leave it on the Spanish side and then walk 10 minutes to the border).

Except tobacco, prices are the same as in Spain ... so if you expect to find a deal, this is not the place.


sara said...

I was just thinking about visiting Gibralter! I was searching the net for a quick photo of blooming amaryllis, and found yours so I've used it in a post with a link to your blog, which looks so interesting! I hope that's okay with you, and i'll be back to look at more photos when i have a minute. In the meantime check out my travel photos and photos in Israel under "travel" and Israel in the right hand column of my blog. all the best, looking forward to learning a little about life in Luxembourg!

Carmencita y Juanito said...

It's OK to use the photos, as long as you mention the source (as you did in your article).



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