Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hotel review: Grosvenor House, JW Marriott Hotel - London

This is a first article in a series we are starting on reviews of hotels we have stayed in.

Last week we have spent 2 nights in the 5 star hotel mentioned in the title.
Details can be found at

First thing to mention: no, we did not won the lottery (yet :). It was job related and the company paid for it approximately GBP 200/night (taxes included).

Things to mention:

- the room is not fantastic: it is slightly bigger than a regular 2-3 star hotel. The furniture seemed rather old

- however, the bed was the best we have ever slept in

- housemaids did not replace the towels and did not bring additional soap and shower gel

- breakfast is extremely expensive: GBP 27/person. It does not worth the money. It is more or less the same as what we have eaten at a 3 star hotel like Best Western. The accent was put on traditional English breakfast, including beans, bacon, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes

- it takes 2 minutes to start watching TV: when you first turn on the TV, there is a menu with 7 choices, where they try to trick you in buying various services like pay-per-view movies, etc. Worse, when you finally find the regular TV channels, there is only a limited choice

- internet is not for free and costs a fortune

- on the good side, you can use a bathrobe and disposable slippers

- it's cold in the room, as they only have centralised air conditioning system, which does not manage to heat properly the room. Furthermore, you can not sleep with the air conditioning turned on, as it makes a loud noise and dries the air in the room

To conclude: do not stay there, unless somebody else pays for it ...




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