Thursday, December 31, 2009

How to prepare rasol - recipe (including photos)

During winter times, a typical Romanian dish that is delicious and at the same time very easy to prepare is rasol.

Basically, it consists of meat boiled together with vegetables and served hot with a horseradish sauce on the side. Red wine is recommended to go with this dish.

The ingredients we used were:

- pork leg, including the fat and skin (for the taste):

- vegetables (carrots, potatoes, celery, onions and garlic). These can be added according to preferences and taste:

The preparation is fairly easy:

- wash the meat and cut it in several pieces

- peal the vegetables and cut them in pieces

- put all these together in a pot with water, add salt, some peppercorns and a couple of laurel leaves

- let them boil until the meat is ready, probably around 2 hours

Once ready, serve with a horseradish sauce. If you can not find horseradish sauce ready made, you can make it by mixing freshly grated horseradish root with grated beetroot and some red wine. In Luxembourg, the only place we could find horseradish is the Cactus supermarkets.

Bon appetit !



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