Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Strasbourg Christmas Market 2009

This year we did not resist the curiosity of seeing for ourselves the most popular Christmas market in France:


Gyuri said...

Strasbourg always beautiful, thanks your sharing these photos! Merry Christmas to you and more and more (safety) journey in 2010 as well ;-)

Gyuri said...

funny, but I am not living in Hejokeresztur, so don't believe always to your "live activity feed" column ;-)

Elena and Marius said...

Gyuri,thanks for the nice wishes. We take this opportunity to returning to you all our best thoughts for these holidays and the next year

We noticed that the Live Feed is not very accurate, but we decided to keep it, because it's interesting for us and for the readers to see who's online, from where (approximately) and what they found interesting on the blog

Actually we are now in Slovenia, in Kranjska Gora and when we enter it appears that we are from Maribor, which is 200 km away


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