Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trip to Linz, Austria - part 2

We warmly recommed it for a short stop-over. We've come to this conclusion after visiting it in winter, so you can imagine that during summer it must be really nice.


Nonna Beach said...

I love your beautiful photos and am enjoying your travels so much...thank you !

Elena and Marius said...

Thank you for your words.

The idea to post such photos came after we noted that such pictures are difficult to find elsewhere on the web. Before we plan a journey, we usually look for photos with the main tourist attractions, but these are rare. So we thought to come in help to those like us, who want to assess whether it's worth going somewhere or not

wilfredtabs said...

hi there! so nice! me and my group will go there this May... we'll be having concerts of our choir in Austria... =)


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