Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best place for a picnic / barbecue in Luxembourg

Yesterday we've been for the second time to the barrage (lake) of Esch-sur-Sure.

On its banks, in the village Insenborn (less than one hour drive from the City), there is a great picnic / barbecue area. 

Not only its located in a pitoresque area, but the necessary facilities are there: parking places (for a small daily fee), toilets and tap water.

One can also swim, practice non-motor water sports.


Anonymous said...

do you have any idea whether this place can be reached by bus or train?

Elena and Marius said...

On you can find itineraries using public transportation. Apparently, it is possible - taking the train to Ettelbruck and then the bus to Insenborn

Anonymous said...

Big thanks for your blog
it's really handy keep up the good work :)

Elena and Marius said...

@ anonymous: thank you

Erkan said...

Hey, my english is not so good sorry :)

i saw the pictures, its looks really nice. We want to visit the same place with a 50-Children-group. Can you send me the adress of this area?


Carmencita y Juanito said...

The beach is in the village of Insenborn (there is no street name or number). Just get into the center of the village and follow the signs or ask someone for guidance.

During sunny ween-ends it is very crowded, so you can follow the pack of cars entering the parking area :)

Anonymous said...

Do we need permission from the local commune to do barbeque?

Carmencita y Juanito said...

In the special designated places (like the one on the shores of the lake), no permission is needed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!


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