Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Observations on travel around Europe (I)

As a foreign tourist, of crucial importance is to understand the traffic announcements made on highways.

Few countries are respectful enough to write these announcements (on the electronic displays on highways) in English.

Germany and Austria do not do it, Romania neither.

The only one we've seen so far is Hungary, and this has been implemented only recently.

We'll keep on eye on the others as well, this summer, to update this statistic.


The Expatresse said...

Did you see the conversation recently about "Why aren't our highway announcements in Luxembourgish??!"

The conclusion was that for highways heading to France/BE, they would be in French, and for those heading to Germany, they would be in German.

I'm all for learning/keeping local languages, but since half of the population is NOT Luxembourgish and over a million people come into the Grand Duchy to work every day, the solution seemed a better compromise.

Elena and Marius said...

Yes, we've seen those comments about Luxembourgish. It's sad when people are not empathetic and only see the issue from one point of view.

Imagine how it would be in the countries with a different alphabet (arabic or south Asian), if they weren't nice to put signs in the latin alphabet, as well (as we've seen on TV that they do, as we actually have never been there)


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