Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Road works in Clausen, Luxembourg City

The street "rue de la Tour Jacob" in Clausen, the one along the Alzette river vis-a-vis the Rives de Clausen complex, has been under reparation since October 2010.

Initially, written public announcements notes stuck in the bus stations on the street indicated that the works would last for 4 months (until beginning of February 2011).

Now it´s 2 months after the initial deadline and the works do not seem even close to being finished.

At least they covered the part of the announcement where one could read the estimated duration, so that now you can only see that the works started in October 2010, but there is not deadline anymore.


Anonymous said...

It is possible to pass with the bicycle?


The Expatresse said...

Over here in Belair, Aubepines is going to be all torn up until the end of JULY! Argh.

Diplo_Daddy said...

Sounds like road works here in London....they never finish on time.

Elena and Marius said...

@ Cristian: yes, it's possible: you have the option of wlking along your bicycle on the pathway for pedestrians, or ride on your bicycle for an off-road experience through the ongoing works
@ The Expatresse and Diplo_Daddy: it's understandable that works have to be done for our own good, but within a reasonable period of time. The issue is that public contracts are usually signed without clearly enforceable penalties on contractors


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