Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The advantage of working at Oberweis

Today we were taking a walk in the city centre and we decided to rest for a while on one of the benches at the end of the Grand Rue, in front of the fountain with the singing sheepherders.

It was around 18:30 and our attention was caught by the cleaning lady doing her job inside the Oberweis shop (the one near Esprit). Being a rather cold and cloudy afternoon, it was one of the few people in the area, despite the evening being still young.

What followed next was really interesting: 3 women went out of the Oberweis shop rather hastily carrying a hand bag (jumbo size type) and an additional shopping bag each. Needless to say that the bags were full, as one could see the shape of bags being distorted by the overload stuffed inside.

It was easy to guess that these ladies were taking home all unsold fresh products which, anyway, would have been thrown away :)



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