Friday, October 30, 2009

Stupid commercial on Ara City Radio

In the morning, driving to the office, I like to tune in to Ara City Radio. I like the morning show presented by a girl named Phoebe, cause she's pretty funny and energetic and wakes me up.

However, what I dislike on this radio  is a stupid commercial for a domiciliary / accounting / tax advisory small company, about which few people have ever heard of.

Anyway, the commercial starts like this "Remember me, I'm Carl .........borough, who brought you the tax tips." And continues saying to call him if I want a copy of these tax tips or to discuss tax planning issues.

First of all, these kind of people that put themselves above the products they sell are really annoying. The idea was to promote the services of your company, not to hear your name on the radio.

Anyway, who do you think remembers such a typical British complicated name? At least you could have asked someone with a really easy name to be remembered to present the company and its services.

No, I do not remember you, I have never heard about you and I do not want to hear about your good for nothing tax tips.

If I want some tax tips, I go to the sites of the BIG 4s in Luxembourg and I take all the tax tips you have never even thought about. And I can find these in a downloadable PDF free version, as opposed to your cheap website.

I will not give the name of this company, as I do not want them to get them traffic for nothing, as it is really not worth it.

For the really interested people, tune in to Radio Ara and you will hear it - and then regret that you've done it .....



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