Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tea: Twinings vs. Lipton

So far we were under the impression that Lipton is the best brand of tea out there (I guess that the marketing on Lipton has paid off).

In our recent holiday in Italy we have discovered Twinings brand of tea and we tried various flavours.

We were pleasantly surprised by Twinings and we are now convinced that it is a better tea than Lipton.

If you did not try Twinings so far, please consider it next time you shop for tea...

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Andreea Stanescu said...

Ronnefeldt is the best. Try Wintertime or the fruit ones. In Romania are hard to get and very expenssive.

Elena and Marius said...

We've never seen this brand so far. It's probably sold in specialised shops, as supermarkets sell only the usual Lipton, Teekanne or Twinnings

Andreea Stanescu said...

It's funny, as is german :)


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