Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thinking of an SUV, 4x4

We are hoping to change our car in the next few months and we decided that we want an SUV, 4x4, because:

- it's safer on the slippery roads following rain or snow
- from time to time we make trips to one of the 3rd world European countries, where roads look practicable mainly on the map

Because our budget is limited and we cannot afford a full option Volkswagen Touareg or a Volvo XC 60/90, we are currently considering the following:

Land Rover Freelander 2:

Ford Kuga:

Nissan X-Trail:

Chevrolet Captiva:

Opel Antara:

Hyundai Tucson:

Suzuki Grand Vitara:

Volkswagen Tiguan:

Honda CR-V:


txcaley said...

Hi and thank for your blog. I'll be moving to Lux next year for a 2 year stint and have enjoyed reading about life there.

I was thinking of bringing my Toyota 4Runner with me. I've never been to Europe so don't know how a truck that size will go over. Any thoughts?

Cerise et Olivier said...

We've just checked it out on Toyota's official website, as we do not have 4Runners in Europe. It seems that it's smaller than the Land Cruiser and of those there are plenty in Europe.

Do not worry, roads are adapted to the size of the American SUVs (there are many nearby American Military bases in Germany and they do travel around).

Fuel might be rather expensive, as we understand (we've never been to the US). Currently, diesel fuel in Luxembourg is priced at 1.218 euro per liter (that would be about 6 USD per gallon). Gasoline is about 10 euro cents more per liter.

For any other details, do not hesitate


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