Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stupid people

In the parking lot of Auchan we had the pleasure to enjoy a scene similar to the bloopers with stupid people you can see on TV.

A young couple in their late 20s were trying to stuff their 2 kids in the back of a 2 door Suzuki Swift! At the same time, I was feeling sorry for the 2 cars parked next to them, which had their paint being scratched by the doors opened wide by these stupid people.

How stupid do you have to be to buy a small car as a family car and, even worse, a 2 door car.

One could argue that the guys did not have the money to buy a big family car, but there are several options on the market. Take Dacia Logan for example, where for half of the money spent they could have had the space to take the kids' granny along. And one could not argue that they preferred a quality car instead of a cheap one, as Suzuki is very far away from being the top of its class.

With the savings made by buying a Logan, they could have set up a savings account to cover the kids' higher education, to give them a chance to get smarter than their parents...



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