Friday, February 4, 2011

The no-brainer of the day (I)

You're waiting for the bus, along with several other unfortunate people who do not drive to whatever their business is.

You're waiting for more than 5 minutes,  with your subscription handy, just in case the driver might ask for it.

Understandably, not all have subscriptions. Some have to buy a ticket from the driver.

The decent thing would be if these passengers would have the cash readily available, so that the purchase can take place swiftly, and the bus continues its way.

However, there are some people for which this no-brainer seems to be too complicated to grasp. So they keep the bus in the station and delay all the other passengers, while they lose 2 minutes to start looking for money: first in the pockets, then in the bag, looking for the wallet, then in the wallet, looking for coins or small banknotes...

WTF, wake up people: it's not your private bus.


The Expatresse said...

Same thing happens at airport security . . . it's like no one has ever flow before. "Oh, I need to take off my belt? And do something with my laptop?"

Diplo_Daddy said...

Yep, I've come across a few idiots like those described in your post.

Anonymous said...

Same about the people in supermarkets: they are waiting in the queue for minutes and then arrive in front of the cashier. And, big surprise: they need to pay and perhaps to give the 'fidelite' card or something.
Have a nice day,

Elena and Marius said...

We weren't very comfortable in writing that post on the blog, as we did not want to offend anybody. However, one day we had it and we needed to cool off somehow (though the cold winter could have done the trick :). We are glad you are of the same opinion as us


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