Friday, February 11, 2011

Luxembourg free newspapers

It is so good to have choices: in Luxembourg, despite the small size of the country and, consequently, the small target audience, there are 2 free newspapers: L'Essentiel and Point24. Both are the free versions of the 2 main press rivals in Luxembourg (Editpress with Le Quotidien / Tageblatt and Saint Paul with La Voix / Luxemburger Wort).

Until recently, while Point24 was printed in the large format, we did not even bother to read it. We were perfectly happy with L'Essentiel, in a smaller format and with plenty of articles.

Since the change of format, with Point24 becoming actually smaller in size than L'Essentiel and being printed on a better quality papers, things have changed completely: Point24 is the one we start with, while L'Essentiel is only used for the Sudoku games and for the job listings on Fridays.

Now, there are 2 factors that make Point24 a clear winner:

- smaller, more practical format, very easy to read in crowded buses;
- L'Essentiel is printed with a lower quality,  such as at the end of browsing through it, the tips of the fingers become black with printing ink.

We're sure L'Essentiel is planning a counter-attack, so we are looking forward to it. After all, competition can only produce better results for the readers.



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