Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trip to Pezinok, Slovakia

We were tricked into going there. As a tourist, that happens sometimes.

Since we finished unexpectedly fast with Bratislava, we said to ourselves to try some other town nearby. We found a brochure and Pezinok was highly recommended (described in pictograms as having a fort / castle, old city center and some other interesting sights).

Even the receptionist from the hotel recommended it.

In fact, it's a big nothing, that's what it is. At least the restaurant bill was moderate.


The Expatresse said...

Pezinok?? I was wondering why the heck you would want to go to Pezinok. You're right: it is nothing.

(That said, I have a friend there with a wine store--I used to go there to buy wine.)

Still laughing.




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