Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creme caramel - recipe (including photos)

Refreshing and mouth watering dessert.

  • ingredients:

                   - 10 eggs
                   - 300 grams of sugar
                   - 1 liter of milk
                   - 2 packets of vanilla sugar

  • in a bowl, whisk the eggs with half of the sugar and 2 packets of vanilla sugar. When blended well, add the milk and continue mixing

  • melt the other half of the sugar in an oven pot and slowly swing the pot so that the melted sugar covers several centimeters of the walls of the pot

  • once the melted sugar has a golden brown colour, set aside the pot so that the sugar will get cool and transform into a crust on the walls of the pot

  • pour the composition of eggs and milk into the pot and bake it in the oven for 30-40minutes at 170 degrees Celsius

  • when it's ready, it should look like this:

Bon appetit !


Alexandra, The Techy Mom said...

This looks just like Flan except for a few other ingredients. Will have to try it this way too. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

This is my food blog...


Elena and Marius said...

We will also check out your food blog - trying some new recipes should be fun

Andreea Stanescu said...

I invite you to prepare creme brulee, I never succed.

Elena and Marius said...

We'll try it when we'll develop pyromaniac tendencies :)

That's because we understood the big secret is to burn the surface of the creme under a quick flame

Andreea Stanescu said...

Exactly...I am never too quick for that :)


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