Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bowling alley in Foetz, Luxembourg

X-treme Bowling is a bowling alley located just 15 minutes drive from Luxembourg City centre (exact address being 11 rue du Brill in Foetz, Luxembourg).

We have been there several times with some of our friends and here are some of our impressions:

- though is has 20 bowling lanes, it seems pretty crowded on Saturday evenings, when we usually go. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you make reservations in advance

- playing is rather expensive: EUR 6 per person per game during the peak hours of Saturday evening. They have a price list on their website, but our guess is that it is not up-to-date

- drinks are cheap for Luxembourg:
                - Bofferding 50 ml beer: EUR 3.5
                - coffee / tea: EUR 2.0
                - 40 ml whisky / gin / vodka / Campari / Bailey's: EUR 4.0

- you can also have some snacks: hotdog / cheeseburger / small pizza: EUR 3.4

- poor ventilation system: after 2 hours and a half spent there, our clothes were full of cigarette smoke

- the music is played too loud and you have to yell to talk to the persons next to you.

As a conclusion: we are not very happy with the place, but we did not try another bowling alley yet. Hopefully, there are others in Luxembourg better than this one.


Gyuri said...

Better go to Arlon, it is not too far away, better atmosphere and price and you can share your car with your friends so the contribution of petrol price is cheaper :-)

Elena and Marius said...

Hi Gyuri, thanks for the tip.

Where exactly is this bowling alley in Arlon, could you give us more details?

Gyuri said...

After the border and IKEA, continue drive on the highway and make exit to Weyler, right to Arlon and you will find this bowling club near the big roundabout, at the third exit, there is a Quick restaurants as well.

Elena and Marius said...

Thank you very much. We will try it with the first occasion


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