Sunday, January 10, 2010

Teekanne tea ? Think again !

Yesterday evening we went out with some friends and had two cups of hot tea.

Unfortunately, it was Teekanne brand. And it was horrible.

We had one cup of black tea and one of forest fruits. Neither of them had anything to do with what they were supposed to be.

Imagine that you are drinking a cup of Twinings tea and then you clean up your cup. Well, Teekanne tea is that water used to clean the Twinings cup.

We exaggerate a little, but the truth is that Teekanne tea is tasteless and without flavour. There are many things Germans are good at making, but Teekanne is not one of them.


Anonymous said...

Hello, there!

I am TEEKANNE's Head of International Marketing and am sad to hear that you have had a bad brand experience. Actually, we believe to have premium quality tea and would like to offer you new samples to try at home with your own water and your own method to brew your favourite Tea. Being the #2 brand in fruit and herbal teas and the #7 brand in tea worldwide means that we are having loyal consumers and we would love to have you inbetween those.
Let us know which teas you prefer and we will send the samples out soon. Give us another try!
All the best,
Stefan Quack (

Anonymous said...

That's actually pretty cool that Teekanne offered to do this.

I'm drinking a Teekanne "English Breakfast" cup as I type and am liking it a lot.


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