Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yoghurt muffins - recipe (including photos)

Here below we posted a very simple recipe for muffins. After you´ll try this recipe, you´ll never buy muffins from supermarkets again.

It was the first time we´ve prepared muffins as we were missing the tasty muffins we were eating during our December 09 trip to London.

Now we can say (without modesty :) that our muffins are the best.

  • ingredients

          - 400 ml of simple yoghurt
          - 100 ml of sunflower oil
          - 3 eggs
          - 100 grams of sugar
          - 300-350 grams of flour
          - dried fruits
          - 1 lemon
          - 1 spoon of baking powder
          - 1-2 spoons of honey
          - 1 packet of vanilla sugar
          - a pinch of salt

  • separate the egg yolks from the whites

  • whip the egg whites with the packet of vanilla sugar and half of the quantity of sugar

  • mix the egg yolks with the remaining sugar, and then add the yoghurt and continue mixing

  • add the honey over the mixed egg yolks and continue mixing

  • add the sunflower oil, while mixing

  • pour the egg yolks over the whites and mix them well together

  • add the baking powder, which has been previously mixed with the juice of a lemon

  • finally, to complete the composition, add the flour gradually, while mixing continously. Add a pinch of salt

  • normally, it is better to use muffin cups ready made. But since it was the first time we baked muffins, we did not have those around the house. So, we improvised them from aluminum foil

  • pour the composition into the muffin cups only half-way up, to allow the muffins to rise while in the oven

  • bake them for 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius

Bon appetit !


Andreea Stanescu said...

Congratulations! by Elena or by Marius?

Carmencita y Juanito said...

by Marius, of course. What question is that ?!

Marius is a renowned 5 star chef!

By the way, when prepare muffins, do you use a special muffin form? We tried one from Dr. Oetker but it is probably too thick and the muffins do not cook properly on the inside

We'll try to disposable paper forms next time, maybe it would be better

Andreea Stanescu said...

I use special muffins forms made by paper, manufactured by Feckleman or something, and after I put the composition in the paper form, I put the paper form into a special cooking form (has 12 round compartments to put the muffins in). I will put some photo on my blog with a new muffin recipe.


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