Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Create your personalised postal stamps with Luxembourg Post

You can create personalised postal stamps online, using the service provided by the Luxembourg Post at

The whole process is very easy: upload a photo you want to transform in stamp, select the number of stamps you need, introduce the address where the postal stamps will be delivered and then make the payment online.

Some additional details:

- you can order in batches of 32 stamps (so you can not buy less than 32 stamps)

- the price starts at EUR 38.4 for the first batch of 32 stamps valid for Europe (EUR 32 for stamps valid for Luxembourg only), and then decreases if you buy more. Basically, you pay 50 cents more on a personalised stamp then on a normal stamp

- the delivery takes place in approximately 15 working days (but no more than 30 days)

Also, Luxembourg Post offers the service of creating personalised postal cards, at the same web page mentioned on top of this article.


Pszicholand said...

we tried this after our marriage when we sent to the photo our guests and everybody liked ;-)

Carmencita y Juanito said...

We've just made the order during the week-end and can't wait to see them...

Anonymous said...

Dear Elena and Marius,

I'm the editor of Expatica Luxembourg, a website for expats in Luxembourg. I'd love to discuss the possibility of syndicating some of your posts on Expatica. Please contact me at EditorLU (at) expatica (dot) com and let me know whether this is something that might interest you.

Nice blog!




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