Friday, January 29, 2010

iPad, or the road to Idiocracy

All the fuss about the recent launched iPad, makes us think of a comedy called Idiocracy.

To summarise, Luke Wilson, an average American guy, is subject to a hibernation experiment and wakes up 500 years later in a world where humans had become so stupid, that he is by far the smartest one alive.

Well, if iPad will become a hit at this level of price and technology, it will be a clear sign that we are heading full speed towards the Idiocracy world.

It is an expensive device with limited utility, which is neither better than a laptop, nor it is a phone.

It is so less practical than a laptop, as you would have at all times one hand busy holding the thing. Trying to write something will prove painful for your back, as you would have to stay bent over the screen, to see what you're typing.

Though it looks like an iPhone, it's not a phone. You will start wondering by now: then, what it is it?
It's nothing. The sad thing is that we have to write this article about it, hoping that it will remain nothing...

We believe that it is the ultimate experiment from Apple. They must have thought to themselves: if we manage to sell this piece of crap, then next time we'll just sell empty boxes called iBox and for sure our fans will fill out 2 year attendance lists just to get their hands on one of them for USD 1,000.


Anonymous said...

I guess you hate Apple ? You don't know anything about innovation and great products. Not that I am an Apple fanboy , but I disagree on everything you said in this article. It just sucks. Check your sources and do more research before posting something like this.

Elena and Marius said...

Anonymous, your comment just proves that people we were talking about in our post exist.
Write to us when you buy that iBox...

xentrix said...

Push an icon, sell Earth short (yep, Apple is far from being green) and sell off rights to your content while you at it. Besides, Ipad is not the first tablet and far from being the best, but it receives PR attention like Britney Spears in her days.

I like iPod, great product. Makes sense and has clear competitive advantage. Ipad is over-hyped "me too" product, aimed to cater to publishers and record companies.

Trefex said...

First try it then judge it...

Anonymous said...

Agreed, it is overhyped, but then it is a game-changer, larger than the iPod for the music-industry and the iPhone for telecoms. I don't always agree with Apple's arrogant ways, but they clearly feel what people want before they know it themselves.
The iPad is the first true step towards a paperless press, the end of newspapers, magazines and books printed on dead trees..

Anonymous said...

I guess you're right! If you look closely the "computer" that there is the hospital in Idiocracy, with those icons, much like the iPad! The concept is similar then I do not understand anything, I do not understand anything, I want to run just stupid operation by pressing a button, without having to learn anything, without thinking about anything!

Pszicholand said...

and after 2 years what do you think?

did you try it?

did you find some article who and how can use iPad in everyday life or scienecist or even disabled persons?

"It's nothing. The sad thing is that we have to write this article about it, hoping that it will remain nothing..."


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