Sunday, January 6, 2013

Car review - Ford Kuga

 This car was given to us by the rental company as a replacement of a Subaru Forrester, which had become unavailable at the last minute.

But putting the Kuga in the same category with the Forrester is a big joke.

The Kuga does not have any off-road ability whatsoever: as soon as you take it off the paved road, it shows its limitations.

The Kuga is only good on the asphalt, be it in the city or outside the city.

Interior space it's not its asset too: anybody with a height over 1,80 meters will suffer due to lack of leg space (be it in the front or the back seats). The trunk is also small compared to other cars in its category.

What is it good for? Well, as a car for a a single person or for a young family with one child, which do not have the intention of taking the car offroad.

Consumption is good: between 7 and 8 liters / 100 km, diesel engine.



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