Sunday, January 27, 2013

Strudel in Innsbruck, Austria

While in Innsbruck we tried a couple of confectionery stores.

This one below was the worst we encountered. It's in the center, on the street that leads from the Golden Roof to the royal palace.

The strudel wasn't well cooked and the Sacher torte had nothing to do with the original one.


Mike said...


not that it helps you now, but that particular street is a collection of tourist traps.

there are two exceptions: the prometheus (you can see the sign on the right side of the first picture) which used to be (and probably still is) one of the nicest place to get a beer or two if you've veered off the mainstream a bit.

and the cafe sacher, a franchisee of the sacher cafe in vienna, the inventors of the sacher torte.

classical viennese cafe atmosphere, good quality products, and probably not much more expensive than the tourist traps.


Cerise et Olivier said...

Hello Mike

Let's hope your input will help other people make the rights choices.




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