Monday, January 28, 2013

Zweibrucken The Style Outlets - winter sales

A few years ago we discovered the outlet in Zweibrücken, Germany (about 130 kilometers south-east of Luxembourg).

Yesterday was the last day of sales and the shopping centre was packed with people.

The prices explain the crowds:

Ceramic flower bells from Villeroy & Boch (paid 2 euros, instead of the 15 euros)

Puma trekking boots (paid 38 euros, instead of 125 euros for the women pair and 34 euros, instead of 115 euros for the men pair)

Camper leather boots (paid 30 euros instead of 140 euros)

...and more

The official website of the Zweibrucken outlet centre is:

See you there for the summer sales in July-August.



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